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List Oracle database contraints

Types of Contraints. 1. Primary Key 2. Foreign Key 3. Unique 4. Not Null 5. Check to enforce columns meet a specific condition Query to list Oracle database contraints. SELECT constraint_name, constraint_type, table_name, search_condition FROM USER_CONSTRAINTS

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Share PDF files instead of Word documents with clients

Microsoft Word allows you to save a document as a “PDF”.   Whenever you send any documentation to a client please remember to save it as a “PDF” and then share it with them.  Almost everyone has the ability to read … Continue reading

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Make a DVD backup using DVD Shrink

Download DVD Shrink 32-bit version and install on Windows 7 computer. Insert DVD to be copied in DVD drive. Start DVD Shrink Click the “Open Disc” button. Wait for the DVD to be read. Click the “Backup!” button. Save the … Continue reading

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Random email being set to recipients in your address book

A friend of mine called me to ask my advice about email being sent to recipients in his address book without his knowledge.  At some point we all have this happen to us to some degree.  At first I didn’t … Continue reading

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Install Wordbook Plug-in for WordPress

== Wordbook Plug-in Installation == 1. [Download]( the ZIP file. 2. Unzip the ZIP file. 3. Upload the `wordbook` directory to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory. 4. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress. 5. Navigate to `Options`  and choose … Continue reading

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