Wolmerica Office Wizard for Veterinary Practice

The Wolmerica Office Wizard is a precise and reliable web based office management tool that can be accessed from your favorite web browser.

Our goal at Wolmerica Technologies is to combine the best features found in many different software packages into a single integrated package to aide the operation of any customer centric business.

  1. Setup on either Windows XP, 7, 8, or Linux server for in office use only or available online.
  2. A multi-user web accessible interface with user name and password authentication and user level authorization.
  3. Manage prospects with the capability to promote to customers.
  4. Scheduling with resource allocation and map-link capability.
  5. Image and file attachment capability for key business entities.
  6. Purchase order lifecycle including Vendor Invoice check-in and backorders.
  7. Inventory tracking with low quantity order threshold per item.
  8. A variety of pricing schemes for sales of merchandise and services.
  9. Customer invoicing by line of business with profitability measure.
  10. Cost and sales reporting from details to monthly summaries.
  11. Customer accounting to track invoicing and payment details.
  12. Vendor accounting to track vendor invoice and payment details.
  13. Expense tracking with write-off percentage.
  14. Rebate tracking with rebate-link capability to rebate processor.
  15. Inventory use for customer sales/credits, office use, or loss.
  16. Customer accessible portal to view previous activity or upcoming appointments.
  17. Fully support ANTECH Diagnostics barcode and electronic submission of lab requests.
  18. Fully support the download of ANTECH Diagnostics lab results.
  19. Auto populate the DCPAH at MSU PDF form for lab submissions.
  20. Additional forms and documents
  • New Pet Recommendations
  • Puppy Proofing Recommendations
  • Canine Vaccination Facts
  • Feline Vaccination Facts
  • Spaying Facts
  • Pet Boarding List
  • Pet Exam List
  • Pet Vaccination List
  • Pet Lab Results
  • Neutering Certificate
  • Post Surgery Instructions
  • Euthanasia Form

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