Purchase Order to Customer Invoice Lifecycle

Purchase Order Process

1. Create purchase order (New)

     a.  Enter Vendor

     b.  Enter Customer

     c.  Enter Pet (if applicable)

     d.  Choose items/services

2. Submit order (Ordered)

3. Enter shipment tracking data

     a. Choose shipper

     b. Enter tracking number

4. Order Received  (Check-In)


Vendor Invoice Check-In

1. Create one or more vendor invoices

     a. Enter vendor invoice number

     b. Enter vendor invoice date

     c. Enter vendor invoice due date

2. Check-in vendor invoice items and services

3. Balance vendor invoice quantity and dollar amount

4. Check-in complete

5. Post the vendor invoice total to vendor accounting.


Customer Invoice

1. Direct shipment of the vendor invoice item/service

2. Drop shipment of the vendor invoice item/service

3. Add items to inventory of the vendor invoice item/service

4. Post customer invoice to customer account.

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