Android SDK

Contains everything you need to start created Android mobile apps.  So far I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Android SDK.  After developing several web applications in Java I’m interested in trying out mobile apps.

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Purchase Order to Customer Invoice Lifecycle

Purchase Order Process

1. Create purchase order (New)

     a.  Enter Vendor

     b.  Enter Customer

     c.  Enter Pet (if applicable)

     d.  Choose items/services

2. Submit order (Ordered)

3. Enter shipment tracking data

     a. Choose shipper

     b. Enter tracking number

4. Order Received  (Check-In)


Vendor Invoice Check-In

1. Create one or more vendor invoices

     a. Enter vendor invoice number

     b. Enter vendor invoice date

     c. Enter vendor invoice due date

2. Check-in vendor invoice items and services

3. Balance vendor invoice quantity and dollar amount

4. Check-in complete

5. Post the vendor invoice total to vendor accounting.


Customer Invoice

1. Direct shipment of the vendor invoice item/service

2. Drop shipment of the vendor invoice item/service

3. Add items to inventory of the vendor invoice item/service

4. Post customer invoice to customer account.

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Java Programming Video Tutorials

Check out the Java programming video tutorials at

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Grails generate-all Example

Use the grails generate-all command to create controller, views, and controller unit tests.

First, define a domain such as the below User.

package wolbay

class User {
String userId
String password
static constraints = {

Second, from the command line, navigate to the project folder

cd z:\User\Dev10\IdeaProjects\MyProject

Third, execute the generate-all command

grails generate-all wolbay.User

Fourth, evaluate the results

  • Generating views for domain class wolbay.User
  • Generating controller for domain class wolbay.User
  • Created Tests for User
  • Finished generation for domain class wolbay.User
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List Oracle database contraints

Types of Contraints.
1. Primary Key
2. Foreign Key
3. Unique
4. Not Null
5. Check to enforce columns meet a specific condition

Query to list Oracle database contraints.

SELECT constraint_name, constraint_type, table_name, search_condition

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Share PDF files instead of Word documents with clients

Microsoft Word allows you to save a document as a “PDF”.   Whenever you send any documentation to a client please remember to save it as a “PDF” and then share it with them.  Almost everyone has the ability to read a “PDF” whereas a Word document will be limited to those who have Microsoft Word.  The “PDF” format does not allow for editing so you can be sure that your information cannot be changed.

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Make a DVD backup using DVD Shrink

Download DVD Shrink 32-bit version and install on Windows 7 computer.
Insert DVD to be copied in DVD drive.
Start DVD Shrink
Click the “Open Disc” button.
Wait for the DVD to be read.
Click the “Backup!” button.
Save the DVD to an “iso” file on the computer.
Remember where the file is located.
Exit the DVD Shrink software.
Remove the original DVD from the DVD drive.

Navigate to the directory containing the “iso” file just created.

Right click on the “iso” file and select “Open with Windows Disc Image Burner”.
Click the “Burn” button to write the image to DVD.

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Random email being set to recipients in your address book

A friend of mine called me to ask my advice about email being sent to recipients in his address book without his knowledge.  At some point we all have this happen to us to some degree.  At first I didn’t have any solid suggestions other than wait and this too shall pass.  I did a little research and came across one suggestion which was to change the email account password.  It was likely that the email was being initiated from another country but just in case, changing your email account password will give some peace of mind that the random email is not being sent from your computer.

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Install Wordbook Plug-in for WordPress

== Wordbook Plug-in Installation ==

1. [Download]( the ZIP file.
2. Unzip the ZIP file.
3. Upload the `wordbook` directory to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory.
4. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
5. Navigate to `Options`  and choose `Wordbook` for configuration and follow the on-screen prompts.

As documented in the Wordbook “README” file.

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Apache unable to write to files and folders after Fedora 16 upgrade

I’ve recently upgraded to Fedora 16.  After the upgrade, Apache was unable to save media files to the server as it was able to do prior to the upgrade.
Here are a few additions to the WordPress “file.php” to determine if  a directory is writable.
echo ( $uploads[‘path’] );
echo ( is_writable($uploads[‘path’]) ) ? ‘writable’ : ‘not writable’;
if ( is_writable($uploads[‘path’]) ) {
    copy( $tmp_file, $new_file );
} else {
    return $upload_error_handler( $file, sprintf( __(‘Uploads directory IS NOT writable %s to COPY( %s, %s ).’ ), $uploads[‘path’], $tmp_file, $filename ) );
After attempting every possible permission configuration I could think of I discovered another posting about Fedora 16 that suggested the following command that solved the problem
sudo setenforce 0
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